Mexican Archaeology

From the central highlands, to the Pacific Coast, to the Yucatán Península, a myriad of advanced cultures left their mark on México, long before the Europeans stopped thinking the world was flat. The Pre-Columbian Era in México lasted almost 3,000 years-from 1200 BC to 1429 AD. And it's what makes México one of the best places in the world for the study of archaeology.
There are almost 115,000 catalogued archaeological sites in México. Happily, dozens of major sites are very accessible to visitors. Others take a little more effort to reach, because they lie buried or are hidden away in dense tropical jungles. If seeking adventure or a physical challenge, the tourist might try these.

Many of the cities, temples, ball fields and streets are still intact. So with all the wonderful archaeological sites that decorate México, it might be easy to think this is a land that time forgot, but the truth is this is a land where times long past are still remembered.

At the centre of México today is México City. But before that, Tenochtitlán was once the centre of the Aztec world, their "floating city" built on a lake and surrounded by canals, covered most of today's México City.

In the City itself, the Main Temple still stands. The Plaza of the "Three Cultures", built on the site of the Aztec's most important marketplace, is an impressive testimonial to México's ancient colonial and contemporary history.

Teotihuacán has been called the most magnificent pre-Hispanic city in México. Here the Teotihuacans built the great Pyramid of the Sun, along with astounding places, smaller pyramids and ceremonial buildings.

More archaeological sites can be seen in Tula, State of Hidalgo; Cacaxtla in the State of Puebla; in Oaxaca State Mitla and Monte Albán and The Gold Museum of Tumb Seven, and in the Yucatán Península: Bonampak, Uxmal and Tulúm, among many others.

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