Homestays in Guadalajara, Mexico

Spanish & TEFL / TESL Courses in Guadalajara, Mexico

The best way to learn about Mexican customs and traditions is to live with a local family.  Although we arrange homestays mainly for our own students, we will be very pleased to help anyone find a nice host family in Guadalajara.

We always place students with hosts who have similar habits and interests.  For example, we would never match smokers with non-smokers.  We will do our best to fulfill any special requests you might have when we arrange your homestay for you.

We normally place Spanish language students in homes where the families speak Spanish as their first language.  Fortunately, Guadalajara is also home to a large number of people who are originally from Canada or the United States.  Thus, we are able to place English language students with English speaking families.  This way, our students all enjoy full immersion in the language that they are studying.

We encourage hosts and students to think of each other as family.  Students have the same rights and responsibilities that they would if they were living with their parents.  Our hosts provide all of the meals for our students. 

There is a one-time Homestay Placement Fee of US$65.  The Homestay Fee is US$15 per night.  Click here for other fees.

Your host family will be as excited about this visit as you are. You should try to write a letter to your new friends before you leave. You might want to tell them about your family, friends, school and pets. You can ask your host family about their hobbies, sports and other interests. Your hosts would also like to receive a photo of you and your family, with your names on the back. If you are not sure of how to pronounce the names of your hosts, you might want to ask someone who knows.

If you have trouble communicating with your host family, do not give up! It is normal to have difficulty making yourself understood at the beginning. If you use every available opportunity to speak with your hosts, conversations in your new language will become easier each day.

Contact us for a free information package.

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