Students transfers between VLC Mexico & VEC Canada

Spanish & TEFL / TESL Courses in Guadalajara, Mexico

You may transfer between Vancouver English Centre and Vancouver Language Centre without paying another application fee. You can easily make all of the arrangements at either school.

The following rules apply if you wish to interrupt your program at one school to transfer to the other school.

  • You may apply for a vacation, as explained in our Vacation Policy. You can then defer the Tuition for the original program.
  • If you do not wish to defer the Tuition of your original program, you may apply for a refund for the unused portion, as explained in the school Refund Policy.
  • Students who want to transfer to Vancouver Language Centre from Vancouver English Centre, but are not eligible for refunds, can attend classes at VLC for the same term without paying additional Tuition. Other fees, such as Homestay and Airport Reception, still apply.
  • If you want to transfer from VLC to VEC, but are not eligible for a vacation or refund, you will be required to pay only the difference in Tuition, as well as the other appropriate fees.

One Program - Two Countries! Study English in Canada and Mexico, without changing programs!

You may study in two countries, without interrupting your academic program. Our staff will ensure that your transfer between schools goes smoothly.

No Student Visa requirements.
*You do not need a student visa in Canada to participate in this program. Student Visas are not required in Mexico. People from Korea, Japan, Switzerland, and Germany do not need visitor visas. Although people from some countries need Visitor Visas, these visas are usually quite easy to obtain.


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